The Battlefield 6 gameplay has been leaked in photographs

Battlefield news on Twitter posted 4 pictures revealing the Battlefield 6 gameplay. The pictures were also shared with content creators and we’re also uploaded on Imgur. The game is scheduled to be released on June 9th but before the reveal date the screenshots revealing the gameplay came out. There are a total of 4 images that were shared by Battlefield news and left the content creators stunned. 

Amongst the 4 screenshots, three of them comprises the mini-maps, party list and the list of the gaming equipment. In the images, the views vary from the cityscape to the ground view from a helicopter. Tanks and aircraft are also depicted in the image from the view above the ground level. 

The images are believed that they are a part of the game test that occurred recently. One of the 4 images was labelled as Pre-Alpha Footage but there is no certainty on where they come from. According to the tweet by Tom Henderson the images to be from Battlefield 6 are real.

There is a possibility that these images are certainly from the gameplay Battlefield 6 to be revealed in a few days. These images match the idea of how the setup should be as per the leaks before. Many images have been leaked that were said to be a part of Battlefield 6. A few weeks ago we came across a video clip that had the impression of Battlefield 6. The trailer revealed a lot about the game. 

The images are less vague than the previous ones but the clear impression of the game and its title are to surface soon. The official reveal to occur on 9th June will reveal everything and will put an end to the long wait. EA announced that the reveal will take place on June 9th at 10 am ET or at noon on June 10th. Battlefield 6 can be played on the PS5, Xbox and PCs and also on the previous consoles PS4 and Xbox One. 

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