The 7 Best New features of Android 11

Google has released three Android 11 ‘Public’ Beta versions so far for some of the Android smartphones. After all the improvements of old features and bringing up new features, here is every feature you need to about the Android 11. The final Public Android 11 will be released soon, in or after September. Some of the sources reveal that the release will be on September 8th, yet not confirmed anything by Google. The Pixel devices receiving the Updates are Pixel 2 or later.

If you own one of these devices you can download the beta version of the OS from the beta program, you won’t lose any data on upgrading but you might lose some or all of the data if you decide to degrade it back to the previous version.

So, Here is the Top 7 Best New Features of Android 11

  1. Conversation Bubbles
  2. Organised Notifications
  3. New Media Player
  4. Quick access to media controls
  5. Screen Recording
  6. App icon shapes
  7. Privacy

1. Conversation bubbles:

Android 11 Conversation Bubble Features

Remember the messenger’s chat head feature which displays a chat bubble of any conversation on your screen ? Well, if you like that feature, which most of us do, then you will also be able to get a chat bubble for your other app conversations like messaging or WhatsApp. You can move these chat bubbles anywhere you want by dragging the same like Messenger’s chat heads. To enable the chat heads, you will have to tap on the circular drop down symbol that appears in the notification panel, beside the message.

2. Organised Notifications:

Android 11 Organised Notification

Until the recent Android version, the notifications used to appear in the notification panel sorted according to the time received that looks kind of a mess and difficult to search for the important ones. Now you will be able to categorize the app notifications into three distinct tiers according to your priority. You will see the important ones on the top and the rest sliding all the way down.

3. Media player:

On the previous version of Android the media controls used to appear in the notification shade, probably above the notifications, but now they have moved it all the way up, above the quick toggles. This will be more comfortable to control the casting settings, music or videos.

4. Quick access to media controls:

Google has brought media controls to the quick settings, that can be accessed by holding down the power button. The media controls of any casting Device like smart home Devices or Bluetooth audio devices will appear. You can also switch the media output quickly from the media card.

5. Screen Recording:

Android 11 Screen Recording Features

On Android 11, the screen recording feature is introduced. Phew! Finally. This is one of the most used features by users, we have used third party apps until now to record the screen but now there will be a native screen recorder right in the quick toggles on Android 11. It can also record audio, either the system sounds or from microphone.

6. App icon shapes:

The app icon shapes were allowed to be changed even in the before Version of Android from the available shapes, now they have added three new shapes with a total of seven app icon shapes to choose from.

7. Privacy:

Google is improving the user data privacy on the third party apps by introducing a one time permission feature for using microphone, camera or location. This is referred to as “zombie permissions.” The permissions will get auto reset if the app is not used for a long time.

Many other manufacturers have also released the beta versions of their respective OS like OxygenOS on OnePlus and ColorOS on Oppo. You can install it from the respective beta programs but you will have to be aware that the software will not be so perfect and will be having some or many bugs to face. Be sure to back-up all your data, just in case you want to downgrade the OS.



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