Telegram adds group video calling feature with screen sharing, animated backgrounds and more

Telegram announced the group video calling feature back in April 2020, and the feature has finally begun rolling out via updates. Users will be able to convert their group audio chats into video conferences after the update.

The audio call interface will have a camera icon and just by tapping on the icon, the user will be directed to a group video call. Also, the user will be able to pin a specific group member to the screen on the front and can see their video bigger than others.

Telegram, through its blog post, informed that Telegram users on tablets and desktops will be able to get a split-screen view of the video section and list of members. Also, the Telegram group video calling will be available in both portrait and landscape orientation format. Telegram facilitates the desktop users for selective screen sharing. The user doesn’t need to share his screen with other members, instead, he can broadcast a specific program on the screen. Also, users will be able to voice chat while performing other works as they will be provided with a separate window for voice chats.

Apart from the group video call feature, there are also several other updates like animated backgrounds, new message sending animations, and new animated emoji. 

The animated background will provide algorithmically generated multi-coloured gradient wallpapers which will alter after you send a message. Users will be able to customise their animated background through multiple colours and contours and share them with their connections.

An animation effect will also transpire when the user will send a message or media file through Telegram. There will also be a sticker and emoji update. The updated Telegram is now available for download through App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users. The updated desktop version of Telegram can be installed through the official Telegram site.

Telegram’s latest update has also introduced a menu button specifically for bots where users can browse and send commands with a single tap, instead of typing commands in the textbox.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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