Tag Heuer to launch a limited-edition Super Mario watch on July 15

Everyone’s favorite old-school Italian Plumber, Mario, is back! Famous premium watch company TAG Heuer will launch their Super Mario-themed watch, which will be available for consumers in a week. This is some excellent news for old-school arcade lovers, as this watch takes us on a hike down the memory lane of playing our favorite childhood video game. TAG Heuer shared a small teaser for the limited edition Super Mario watch on Twitter.

The Tweet was filled with psychedelic colors and super loud animations and went on to hint at the collaboration between TAG Heuer and Super Mario. Some remixed Super Mario music also accompanied the Tweet. Giving the teaser a little throwback to the classic theme music of the game. However, there have been no leaks or teases regarding the design of the watch. A few teases also show a bright red watch case with the TAG Heuer logo accompanied with the ‘M’ Logo from Super Mario.

For people who don’t know what Mario is. Mario is a video game character that Nintendo created and introduced in 1981. Since then, Super Mario games have become a massive part of Nintendo and have been one of the highest-earning video game franchises globally and a cult classic for its fans worldwide. And for Nintendo to collaborate with TAG Heuer is a huge deal for fans around the world. Nintendo has collaborated with a premium brand like TAG Heuer for the first time. And from the teases, the product looks very promising. Though there have been no leaks regarding the look, fans are expecting it to be something that will be elegant as well as playful.

Usually, a brand like Nintendo is not expected to work with luxury brands. With this entry into the premium watch category, it looks like they want to tap into a more adult market and bring a little nostalgia into the game.

In a week, TAG Heuer will start taking registrations from eager fans. Regarding the dates, more will be revealed regarding the looks around July 13th. The watch will be available for purchase at selected boutiques and TAG Heuer’s official website from July 15th onwards.

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