Syska Launches SW100 Smartwatch with Heart Rate Sensor In India

Syska LED, a subsidiary of SSK Group, manufactures LEDs to provide solutions for indoor and outdoor industrial segments. It is a growing company. Syska has launched Smartwatch SW100 and claims that it will help individuals in tracking their health and fitness routines at home. With the launch of the smartwatch, Syska is entering into a new market segment of smart wearables.

Specifications of Smart Watch:

The Syska SW100 Smartwatch comes with a 1.3-inch TFT LCD display which has a resolution of 240×240 pixels. Syska claims that the watch will come with a lithium polymer battery which can deliver up to 15 days of battery life. Along with this, it takes only 2.5 hours to charge. So, by 2.5 hours of charge, it can run for 15 long days. Isn’t this a huge battery life? As per the company, the strap material used in the device is thermoplastic polyurethane, and the device weighs 31 grams in total.

The device comes with an IP68 rating which makes it water resistant. This will help you to workout with your watch on your wrist, without the fear of spoiling it with sweat. You can also custom the dial of your smartwatch as per your choice. This watch is surely packed with some cool and amazing features. To connect to your smartphone, it will use Bluetooth v4.2.  

How is this device going to benefit you?

Syska SW100 Smartwatch aims to help individuals in maintaining their physical and mental well-being. The device is designed for people who want a device that can track their fitness, sleep, workouts, step count, heart rate and calorie intake. It also has multi-sport mode which allows you to choose your sporting activity — cycling, weightlifting, running, and more. Along with this, it also has a yoga monitoring feature that will allow users to keep track of their sessions. The device also has a smart notification feature, which will notify you whenever you get any mail or messages. The feature also will also enable you to check your social media or any important mails. This makes this device a mini phone on your wrist.

This device is needed for the hour. In the current Covid-19 situation, people are facing major health and mental issues. People are also not able to visit doctors for regular check-up, which is quite alarming. In addition to this, people are facing mental issues in this lockdown. Also, the sleep schedule of nearly every second individual has disturbed. As for now, this device can prove a good solution.

There is an increasing demand for fitness related devices in the market.  And with Covid-19, the demand has further increased, because of the growing concerns regarding health and immunity. The device can surely make a good space in the market. It will be exciting to see how it competes with other smartwatches like Mi Fit Watch, Mi Band 4 and 5.

Syska has launched SW100 Smartwatch exclusively on e-commerce site, Flipkart. It will come with a USB charging cable and a user manual. And the good part is, the device is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. The device is priced at Rs. 3,999, and is available for purchase. And as an introductory offer, it can be purchased at Rs 2,499 (Check). This is a huge difference. Whoever wants to buy this, should straight go to Flipkart, and make a purchase.

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