Spotify premium users will be allowed to download music for offline listening on their Apple Watch soon

Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify revealed on Saturday that it is planning to finally launch offline listening mode by making the music available to be downloaded exclusively for users who use the Apple Watch. This service is already being provided by platforms like YouTube premium and Apple Music. It is to be noted that the new launch would be made available for only those Spotify users who have a premium account and other users will not be allowed to avail this service.

This will allow Spotify phone-free offline music experience on Apple Watch to the users as they can leave their mobiles at homes when they are going outside for doing activities like jogging and cycling. Users with Spotify premium subscription can download their favourite playlists and can have a seamless experience of this service easily.

To enable download of songs, podcasts and playlists, users will have to click three dotted options which will be present next to that song, album, playlist or podcast and finally they will have to click on ‘Download to Apple Watch’ option. Once the song or podcast has been downloaded, a green arrow would be shown next to those items. Users can further pair their headphones with their Apple Watch and listen to the downloaded data directly from the wearable device.

This service will particularly come handy when users have to charge their mobiles and have to go for some outdoor activity while at the same time they want to have a good experience listening to their favourite artists. With this launch, a competitive environment is expected to develop in this field as already Apple Music has been providing this service to the users. It will be interesting to observe the developments in future in this regard with the top brands competing with each other.

Kanchan Choudhary
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