Sony launches three new party speakers with incredible battery life, starting from Rs. 26,999

Tech Giant Sony launched three new party speakers, which fall under Sony’s X series. The latest line-up of the Sony X series represents SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, and the SRS-XG500. The three new models will be available for purchase from August 10th onwards. Sony has additionally stated that if any customer pre-books the latest addition to Sony’s X series from August 10th to August 16th, they can get their hands on Sony’s F-V120//C microphone worth Rs. 1,490, for free. The three models will be available for purchase and pre-booking on Sony’s official stores, famous electronic stores, e-commerce platforms, and for Indian consumers.

Three new X series speakers from Sony include the SRS-XP700, priced at Rs. 26,900, and the SRS-XP500, priced at Rs. 32,900, which are regular cylindrical party speakers. However, the third model, namely the SRS-XG500, is priced at Rs. 32,900 has a unique boombox design, unlike the generic speakers that you find in stores, which gives the XG500 an incredibly modern-retro look.

Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, and SRS-XG500 Specifications:

All three new X-series speakers come equipped with Sony’s infamous X-balanced speakers that support Mega Bass and a Live Sound mode. The Mega Bass feature provides an additional bass boost to the sound, whereas the Live Sound mode provides a surround sound experience on the speakers. However, only the XP700 supports omnidirectional sound.

A very groundbreaking feature of the new X-series speakers are their stunningly long-lasting battery lives. The boombox-shaped XG500 offers up to 30 hours of playback time, whereas the XP700 provides a playback time of 25 hours, and the XP500 provides a playback time of 20 hours. Making them pretty superior when it comes to the playback times that the speakers provide. Additionally, all three speakers come with Ambient RGB lighting that is reactive to the audio.

In the durability department, all three speakers come with an IP rating. The XP700 & the XP500 carry an IPX4 rating making them super resistant to water and dust, whereas the XG500 carry an IP66 rating, which is not as much because of its oversized design.

The speakers also include connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX input, and a port that supports Microphone and Guitar input. Additionally, it also supports USB connections to smartphones, where one can connect their smartphones to the speakers with the help of a USB cable that charges your smartphone simultaneously.

All three of the latest X-series party speakers look promising and provide Sony’s premium sound quality-enabled drivers. For the premium price, they do deliver a lot and offer solid durability and playback time.

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