Sony HT-G700 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos is launched in India

Sony has recently launched it’s new soundbar HT-G700 with all amazing audio features. It was recently launched in the US and now in India. This soundbar was released for $600 (roughly ₹ 45,000) in the US.

The Sony HT-G700 soundbar with a 3.1 channel bar comes with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and has various other features for a cinematic audio experience. The woofer and soundbar are heavy indeed but the wireless feature on it avoids all the mess.

In the pandemic times everyone wants to experience theater’s audio in our homes. We all are watching things on TV more than ever. But our TV’s speakers can’t completely bring such experience unless they are very premium and costly. Sony has brought an affordable soundbar to bring you such experience using the Dolby Atmos. Starting with the remote, it has one simple easy to use remote (has various models) .

Sony HT-G700 soundbar can be connected easily to your device. It can be connected via Bluetooth 5.0 or using an HDMI cable. It has two HDMI ports on the speaker, It also comes with a Bluetooth subwoofer. The soundbar is said to have a 400W sound output and can go as high as vibrating your windows.

It also has a S-Force Pro technology that gives a 3-D sound field for an immersive audio experience. There’s also an immersive AE( AUDIO EXPERIENCE) that upscales regular stereo audio to up to 7.1.2 surround sound.

There’s one button on the remote, Immersive AE to upscale the audio. Sony’s Digital Signal Processing technology, along with Vertical Sound Engine, is said to reproduce ‘vertical’ audio from the front three speakers. The soundbar has optimized sound modes to match with the environment and the content you are watching, such as cinema mode, music mode. To make the dialogues clearer it has a voice mode to make the speech well audible and a night mode for low volume levels.

About the sub woofer, we don’t want it to be too powerful to disturb neighbors if we are living in an apartment. No need to worry because this woofer will not shake things off tables in your living room or vibrate for the neighbors yet adds enough bass to make for a complete audible experience. The soundbar’s front is covered with plastic mesh and has a small screen to show the status such as volume level ,sound mode and also has touch controls on the top side.

It is currently priced at ₹ 39,990 and is available at all Sony retail stores and various e-commerce platforms. For those who are thinking of buying it along with a TV, they have an offer on buying a Bravia 40-inch and above TV they can avail a discount of ₹ 2000. It is Less expensive than the Bose Soundbar 500 which does not have the Dolby Atmos goodness. 



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