Sennheiser HD 25 Blue Special Edition launched in India: Specifications and Price

The German Audio company, Sennheiser, has announced that it is launching the popular HD 25 monitoring and DJ headphones with blue earpads in India. These special edition headphones are now available on Amazon at a price of Rs. 8,499. The special edition headphones also offer EMI cost options and come with the special blue earpads seen only in the limited edition Indian version. Last year, the german company added the new HD 250 BT headphones to their collection at an affordable price of Rs. 5,490. The company claims that the headphones are equipped with transducer technology and supports high quality audio codes like AAC and aptXTM which then helps in synchronising audio with video that you are watching on the screen.

Vipul Pungalia, Director, said that the iconic HD 25 are found all over the DJ studios in the world and was excited that the company is setting industry standards for field recording engineers and for Film and TV productions. The headphones are low weight, premium design and also give the option for one ear listening. These are purpose designed and offer high attenuation for background noise.

Coming to the details and technical aspects of the Sennheiser HD 25 Blue Limited Edition, they weigh about 140 grams and have a nominal impedance of 70 Ohms. The frequency response range of the headphones range between 16Hz to 22,000 Hz. The headphones are very good at handling very high sound pressure levels and the maximum sound pressure level to which it can handle is at 120dB and it delivers a powerful performance in loud environments, studio monitoring, audio equipment testing and sound reinforcement. The headphones also come with a dynamic and close back capsule that can deliver total harmonic distortion of <0.3%. 

The HD 25 are touted to be suitable and very useful for cameramen and DJs as technically, they are superior to other casual listening headphones which are just used for listening to music and watching videos. With a detachable single sided cable and rotatable single capsule for one ear listening, the Sennheiser HD 25 sounds like a really good option, at a fair price, for audiophiles and headphone geeks to get their hands on. 

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