Samsung will unveil its Exynos SoC with AMD RDNA 2 GPU in July

Samsung revealed some news about how they would be collaborating with AMD to devise a GPU that works perfectly with Samsung’s Exynos processors. However, Samsung did not really say much about the release date or the launch period. But many rumors indicated that Samsung and AMD’s ongoing collaboration would be released somewhere in June. On the other hand, a very reliable leakster going by the name of Ice Universe on Twitter has stated that this collaboration between the two companies has been delayed to July 2021 for reasons unknown. This reveal will include the latest Samsung Exynos Chip and the AMD RDNA 2 GPU.

Even AMD has officially stated at Computex 2021 how the first processor to benefit from the RDNA 2 GPU will be the Exynos. One of the significant features of the RDNA 2 GPU was ray-tracing, making it one of the first smartphone GPUs to integrate ray-tracing. This can unleash some compelling gaming features in the phones, which Exynos chips have failed to deliver before compared to the Snapdragon lot. Other than that, the AMD RDNA 2 will also provide higher fidelity graphics and superior shading.

The new AMD RDNA 2 also promises better performance than the ARM Mali GPUs, predominantly used in Samsung Phones before Samsung announced AMD RDNA 2 x Samsung Exynos.

Will this collaboration between AMD RDNA 2 and Samsung Exynos deliver a positive buff to Samsung Phones and put them in a dominant position against its Snapdragon-wielding competitors?

Samsung has not given any official dates for the launch of the AMD x Samsung Exynos, but it is rumored that it will likely come with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series of smartphones. It claims to offer groundbreaking gaming performance. And might give the Exynos chips an entry into the Gaming Smartphones Segment.

With the introduction of ray-tracing into mobile gaming, AMD RDNA 2 is on its way to revolutionize the Gaming Smartphone industry. Ray-tracing is a type of rendering technique that mimics light quite accurately, making the objects and reflections look natural and realistic. This can enhance the visual experience of many mobile games.

All eyes are on Samsung and AMD to present their performance scores that come out from this collaboration. And to see how powerful this combination will be during its launch when it comes to delivering a superior and high-graphical gaming experience compared to its competitors.

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