Samsung has developed a Stretchable OLED Skin Patch that works as a Fitness Tracker

The South Korean founded healthcare based wearable devices manufacturing company Samsung recently shared its latest innovation. Recently, Samsung invented a Stretchable OLED Skin Patch that has a heart rate sensor and can work as a fitness tracker. The display can be attached to the body and it changes its shape as per the bodily movements.

The device is an exception and is of great help for health-related data. The device provides the health-related data for a prolonged period and there is no need to remove it while sleeping or working out. The device feels like it is a part of your body and does not bother you to remove it.

Samsung OLED Skin Patch

The R&D unit of Samsung did a fine job of producing the display and it can be stretched to any size and is suitable for all. The SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) brought together both photoplethysmography sensor and stretchable display and creatively invented this healthcare device. 

Samsung OLED Skin Patch 2

SAIT knew exactly the need of the time and used an elastomer, a polymer compound with remarkable elasticity and strength. They with the help of existing semiconductor production methods installed a blood flow sensor to the OLED display.

As per the tests done by the company, it came up that the OLED display still functions normally when increased in size by 30% to its actual size. The preexisting semiconductor inventing processes were of huge help while the production of a stretchable and huge screened health device. SAIT hopes that the device will cover the high metrics of perseverance and will oversee the blood pressure, oxygen saturation and other biometric data. 

The OLED Skin Patch from Samsung will be a replacement for all the heavy devices but it will take a bit more time to come up for use with a broader range of sensors. The fitness recorder will help people from various age groups and with various diseases.


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