Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 launched – Specs, Camera and Price Details

Samsung doesn’t seem to stop with its flexible screens. Last year, when the Galaxy Fold was introduced, people were amazed with how the screens can be flexible. But at the same time, there was a sense of disappointment with regards to the screen fragility. They took a long time to launch the latter as they tried to make it more robust. Yet, when it was launched, they cautioned the people to not “tap to hard” as it may spoil the screen. Adding to the disappointment was the price tag attached to this device. At a price of over 1 lakh, this surely didn’t create a fan base in India. Keeping the ordeal of its customers in mind, Samsung released its Galaxy Z Fold 2 as expected along with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Watch 3. At the Unpacked Event, the company didn’t provide details as far as the specifications are concerned. But they talked about the improvement in the screen from its predecessor.


They talked about using a better material, in fact changing it overall. In its predecessor, a fragile plastic screen was used. This time, the company would be using an Ultra-Thin Glass for the display. Obviously, a flexible screen would always be more fragile than the normal screen on your smartphones but the glass used this time would be stronger than the plastic screen used last time.


The company has upgraded the screen size too. Most of you can see below how Samsung messed up their external screen with such thick bezels. Samsung has now changed these thick bezels to something modern. To something that looks very classy. Look at it yourself!

Galaxy Z Fold 2

This external screen would now be of 6.2-inches, giving you the full feeling of the latest smartphones. When unfolded, this smartphone will turn into a 7.6-inches tablet-like device.


The camera on the original Fold was a thick, long bezel occupying the top-right place. Now, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will feature a classy hole-punch camera. The camera lens specification is not mentioned yet but it will surely be better than the last one. 

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Camera


The folding of the screen surely requires some additional hardware. This hardware used would now be better than the previous one. Samsung says that they have improved the Fold to increase the durability of the device. The company will now add a “Sweeper (This is what the company calls it)” to the folding part. This will keep the dust particles away to avoid damage.  


Galaxy Z Fold 2 would be available in a beautiful Mystic Black and Mystic Brown. The company is also partnering with Thome Brown, hence, there will be an option for people to buy the device with a stylish stripe in between.


Both the main display and the external display will feature a beautiful Infinity-O display. It will have a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Samsung is all set to run this device on the latest Snapdragon 865+ SoC. Hence there will be a 5G model available. For more details, we will have to wait until 1st September when this device will officially enter the market.

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