Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications, Release date and Price in India details

Samsung released the galaxy watch 3 today at the Galaxy’s Unpacked 2020 event along with other devices. Well basically they skipped the galaxy watch 2 and released the 3 just to make it sound newer. There was already a watch in the 2 series called as Watch Active 2. The new watch has a bigger display and is lighter and slimmer. It will be more comfortable and good looking especially to those with smaller wrists.

Galaxy Watch 3 comes in two sizes , 45mm and 41mm. The watch runs on a Tizen processor that was developed by Samsung itself. The Tizen platform is considered better than Google’s WearOS.

Samsung states that the watch has the most advanced health monitor on a smartwatch. The watch has both smartphone level features and best health technology.

The bigger display helps to see all the information in a glance. It has the circular super AMOLED display.The watch has so many faces to choose and match your taste along with a great look on the sleek body. You can make your own combination with over 40 complications. It comes with a subtle rotating bezel for app navigation and has two buttons on the side.

The watch has a built-in oxygen measurement feature . It uses red LED and infrared rays to estimate the SpO2 levels which means it measures the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. The blood oxygen monitoring feature will be available later this year and in Korea, it will be able to monitor blood pressure and electrocardiography (EKG). Samsung is working with the FDA to obtain clearance for those features in the US.

Galaxy Watch 3 also has a fall detection feature that alerts your emergency contact with an SMS and your location. It detects any hard falls using the accelerometer. This feature is not new and was there on Apple watch series. It was a really helpful feature. It tracks your sleep patterns like REM cycles,deep sleep and total sleep time and helps in improving the quality of rest.

The watch is equipped with over 120 home workout programs. It also gives you real time heart rate while you are working out. You can also cast it to your TV. It also has a running guide to keep your pace and give tips on the go.

Galaxy Watch 3 also has many smart features. You can reply to texts easily using a quick reply that is based on the messages or photos you receive. It also doesn’t let you interrupt your music while on the go. You can play your music right on your wrist. You can Find your phone and see your phone’s gallery from your watch, or switch between devices to control your music and check reminders. There is also the LTE feature on the watch so you don’t have to carry the phone to answer calls or messages.

The IP68 water and dust resistance let’s you use the watch with no worries.

The 41mm version will be available in bronze or silver, while the 45mm watch will be in silver or black. Both models have full-color, always-on OLED displays with Gorilla Glass , also offered in LTE and Wi-Fi variants for both the sizes.

As of now there is no word about the Indian prices or availability but the watch will be available in select markets with price starting at $399 (roughly Rs. 30,000) in the US for 41mm model, whereas the 45mm model will cost starting at $429 (roughly Rs. 32,100).

Samsung also stated that there will be a titanium Variant available later this year.



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