Samsung Galaxy S21 series to be out in January

Samsung Galaxy is in a hurry to launch its S21 Series as early as possible. It’s the first time Samsung is manufacturing two different phones in a year. On March 6th Samsung Galaxy S20 went on sale, creating a disappointment to the industry. In-order to cop up with this and to capitalize the absence of Huawei, Samsung is planning its S21 series in the first month of 2021. Traditionally Samsung launched its productions in February and March but the report given by Samsung to launch S21 on January is way too early than the usual.

According to report of Sam Mobile, the release of S21 on January, would help Samsung to manufacture and give more time to prepare the launch of its new foldable phone, which shows Samsung galaxy’s keen interest to initiate new technologies faster to this modern world. According to the report by TheElec, the production of Galaxy S21 Series would start in December and its sale in January.

Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy S21

Samsung would transfer features from galaxy Note20 and there is rumor to stop Note production which is not declared by the company. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series would be in three variants; Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra. S pen of galaxy Note 20 would be included in Galaxy S21 Ultra. In order to induce S pen to S21 series, Samsung electronics is developing ‘digitizer’; a component which helps to implement S pen input and to function it in S12 series. It’s the first Galaxy S series to support S pen stylus. Maybe the two devices; S21 and Note 20 would not have much difference in specifications.

Expected specification

The new S21 series would be out in five distinct colors; grey, pink, silver, violet, and white. As S20 had premium features with impressive camera, huge screen and 5G standards with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 which makes out a hope of better feature for S21 series. Expected price for S21 series is $899 with 4000 mAh battery with more than 25W fast charging and the first galaxy model to feature the under-display camera along with optical image stabilization support.

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