Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra – Amazing feature that you can’t miss

Finally, the wait is over!! The note season is right upon us and I know you all are pretty excited to dwell into its details without wasting even a nanosecond. Samsung is all set to launch these beauties on 5th August (based on Samsung’s unpacked announcement), which means not even a week left, yay! We have a lot of expectations from Galaxy Note 20 and we are definitely guessing this one turns out to be way better than Note10. Though Galaxy Note 20 is not coming alone, we are expecting Note 20 Ultra along with it which means Ultra must be a super-premium device.

Let’s take you straight to everything we know about Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra:

The Release Date and Price

Well, as far as the release date is concerned, no one is absolutely sure about it. But yes we can make the assumption so let’s go ahead. Based on Samsung’s “Unpacked” announcement, an event that Samsung is going to host on 5th August, we can definitely expect Note 20 to show up. No matter what the date will be, we can say it with confidence that 2020 will be the year for Note 20. Also, it is rumored that you can get your hands on this device on 21st August (Too late to wait, right?).

Coming to the price, we have gathered some rumors about the prices as well. Though there might be different sizes with different costs, let’s just tell you the basic price as of now. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is expected to cost you around $949/Rs 71,381, but this one is just for the 4G version. If we talk about the 5G version, it might cost you around $1000/ Rs 75,217 (not much of a pocket-friendly device). These prices were for Galaxy Note 20 only, if you wish to buy Note 20 Ultra then you have to pay more (obviously). Galaxy Note 20 Ultra might cost you $1,399/Rs 105,229.

Gorilla Glass 7

The first thing about Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra that we want to let you know is, Note 20 will be having Gorilla Glass 7 (based on leaks and rumors). Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal because Samsung is just upgrading from 6 to 7. But Gorilla Glass 7 assures you 6.5 feet protection which means you can drop it from head height and it still won’t break (now this is interesting). Also, you can drop it for more than 15 times and it will not even have a single crack (want to take a risk?). Basically it mixes drop and crack protection, interesting!  

Design and Display

Talking about the design, Galaxy Note 20 might seem quite identical to Note 10, but there will be variations for sure. Note 20 will be having the same square design with the display of 6.7 inches and Note 20 Ultra might have a 6.9 inches screen. And yes, you get an amazing additional color this time. This color will be a matte finish bronze color, which means no irritating finger marks on the back and you can also use this phone without a case. Also, this amazing device will feature 120 Hz variable refresh rates that mean this one will be insanely fast. This device is also going to be thicker than Note 10 and has 161.8 X 75.3 X 8.5mm dimensions.

This is all we have about The Galaxy Note 20/ Note 20 Ultra as of now, stay tuned for more updates.

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