Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 users can now Live the Alt Z Life

South Korean company Samsung is India’s most trusted and desired brand. The company’s centres in the country are working on India-centric innovations. The company has launched its first innovation under the ‘Make for India’ initiative. This consists of Quick Switch and Content Suggestions – Alt Z Life. Alt Z Life will help you in living a life where no one can invade your privacy without your permission. The main aim of this is enhancing privacy level. It would help users to hide their private files and data that they do not want to show others. This new feature will be available on its Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones. This feature has been developed by a team of engineers at Samsung R&D Institutes.

Quick Switch:

This new feature will allow users to switch between a normal mode and private mode for apps like Gallery, WhatsApp. This private data will be secured by “secured by Samsung Knox in the Secure Folder of Galaxy smartphones.” When users will switch from normal mode to private mode, they will be asked for authentication which is different from unlocking the phone. Also, authentication will not be required for switching from private mode to normal mode. Users will be able to quickly switch between private mode and normal mode by just clicking on the power button.

For instance, a user can easily switch between the normal Gallery and a private Gallery, or from a normal WhatsApp to private WhatsApp by double clicking the power button. Now, you will not have to think million times before giving your smartphone to someone else. By just double-clicking the power button you can simply hide your data.

Content Suggestion:

The Content suggestion feature will suggest users to move private data from normal mode to private mode. The feature will use AI to suggest moving private content to the Secure Folder. There is an app inside the Secure Folder which will automatically suggest users to move data. For using this, users will have to select specific faces or a type of image that they want to make private. Then, the AI engine will identify relevant images in the gallery. It allows all processing to take place within the device and does not require interaction with any server or cloud.

People are highly dependent on smartphones nowadays. Further, it stores very crucial information, file, images and sometimes even passwords of some frequently used sites. Along with this, users also have content such as private chats or images which they do not want to show anyone else i.e. they want to hide them. Privacy protection is an especially important thing. Now, Samsung will help you in protecting your data.

The Alt Z Life feature is available for both existing and new users. It will be available via an OTA update to Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. So, if you are a Samsung A series user go and update your Samsung smartphone to hide all your private data.

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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