Rumors suggest PES may become free-to-play

One of the biggest football games and FIFA’s art rival, Pre Evolution Soccer (PES) might go “free to play” probably from this year’s game arrival. Well for a gamer really into e-football gaming, isn’t that great news? Yeah obviously, so let’s just get a brief into this topic!

Rumours about the Japanese company Konami making its flagship football games series “free to play” surfaced over the Internet through the VGC Off The Record podcast.

The VGC Off The Record podcast 

The podcast focused on breaking recent rumours encircling some games including Dead Space and PES. During the podcast, VGC’s Andy Robinson talked about Konami’s future ideas and said, ”Konami are flickering to life and there’s also gonna be new stuff with PES this year I hear. They are gonna go properly free-to-play and really change it up this year”.

Konami conducted a network test for PES 2022, titled New Football Games, recently a week ago. Andy Roberson in the podcast revealed that this network test was conducted just to attain some information about the new upcoming change to “free to play” PES. Although the test was actually revealed as a stress test for the network, there is a quite high probability that “free to play” change is the reason behind it.

Is this really going to happen? 

The idea for “free to play” gaming is surely great and fans really seem to like the rumoured update, it is hard to see PES going for it. The primary reason for denying these rumours is that licensing fees of PES are highly different from FIFA’s. Considering this fact, it will be a hard task for Konami to make it’s flagship game PES “ free to play”.

However, we can see that PES has already been taking constant steps over the years to adapt to the free to play change. In the past, PES has offered a lite game version that is entirely free and has also provided regular content updates rather than a fully yearly release.

Whether the “free to play” change takes place or not, it will be interesting to see the future of Pre Evolution Soccer. Myself being an e-football fan, I am quite excited about the change and hope that you feel the same.


Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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