Reports suggest iPhone 13 Series could support 25W fast charging

Apple’s iPhone 13 and its latest rumours are gathering some popularity in the technology world and at the moment, the one gaining the most response is the rumours around the smartphone’s charging. According to various reports, the iPhone 13 will support fast-charging. When compatible with the right power adapter, the iPhone 13 Series will support 25W fast charging and will be able to charge at the corresponding speeds as well.

Previously, Apple had sold 18W and 20W chargers in 2019 and 2020, for their corresponding phones. The USB Type-C cable, which was the wire used for this purpose, might not be used again in the future for iPhone’s 13 series to deliver a more powerful performance. But as the rumours suggest, the company wants to match the competition and will probably bring 25W fast charging to its iPhone 13.

The company is already set for many launches this year in 2021, including the iPhone 13 series which includes iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max. This will also contain the iPhone 13 mini. Previous reports for specs stated that 120Hz refresh rate for the Pro models and and 60Hz for the base versions. The new Apple A15 bionic chipset, 5nm manufacture, will be featured in these upcoming iPhone models.

Specs are also expected to include storage to 1TB, camera square on the rear and on-display features. Apple will also continue to sell these chargers separately and will probably be priced at Rs. 2,000 for the 25W charger, compared to Rs. 1,899 for the 20W charger released previously in 2020.

A MacRumors’ report said that though the charging power for the upcoming iPhone has increased to 25W, the speed of charging will not be faster than the previous ones. The report also stated that, “It should be noted that the new generation of fast charging source adapters still needs to be purchased separately by users, and Apple’s “environmental protection” strategy may be implemented to the end.”


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