Reliance Jio to launch 5G Smartphones at Rs 2,500-3,000

Reliance Jio is currently planning to bring 5G smartphones for not as much as Rs 5000 after which the company will continuously decrease the cost to Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 a unit when it scales up the operation. “Jio plans to bring the device for less than Rs 5,000. When the company scales up the sales, it can be priced in the range of Rs 2,500-3,000,” a company sub-head told PTI.

According to the report, Jio will target 20-30 crore cell phone clients who utilize 2G connection as of now. As of now, 5G cell phones are available in India in the price range beginning from Rs 27,000 but Reliance Jio will offer a 5G smartphones around Rs. 2500 to 3000.

Despite the fact that there is no confirmation yet if this smartphone will run on Android, odds are high that this will be an Android phone. Jio had earlier made 4G phones running on KaiOS. However they were pitched as smart feature phones, rather than straight up smartphones. On the off chance that this phone will be a smartphone, it is practically sure this will run on Android, despite the fact that as opposed to utilizing the full Android, Jio may utilize the Lite version of the Google OS.

New Jio smartphones are expected to have Android also because of Google and Jio partnership. Google invested over $4 billion in Jio, and at that time had said that the partnership would focus on making more affordable smartphones for Indian consumers.

Jio was the principal organization that launched 4G phones in India free. The buyers needed to pay a refundable deposit of Rs 1,500 for a new Jio Phone.
At Reliance’s virtual yearly general meeting in July, Reliance CEO, Mukesh Ambani reported Reliance Jio’s business settlement with Google to together create passage level moderate 4G and conceivably 5G cell phones for a ‘2G mukt Bharat’ (free from 2G India) later on.

Reliance is also working on its 5G network equipment and has asked the Telecom Department to allocate its spectrum for testing before exporting the products. The government is yet to give green light to the request of Reliance Jio. As of now, India doesn’t have 5G services as the government has not assigned range to telecom administrators for running field trials aimed at promoting domestic ecosystems for the next-generation technology

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