Reason behind the removal of charger and EarPods in iPhone 12 Series

On October 13th, Apple has released 4 new models: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max with new designs, camera tricks with better low light photography, night mode selfie camera, fast processor, new colors with colored glass back, all series having edge screens, OLED screen, and rebirth of slick MagSafe that offers fast wireless charging with no charging adaptations. As you all know that Apple has ditched Charger and EarPods in iPhone 12 Series as well as in Apple Watch Series 6 and other latest Apple devices.  

The earlier reason provided by Apple

The unique change created by the iPhone was its reduction of charger and EarPods from the iPhone 12 Series box. It is to attain the environmental missions by turning Apple to be 100% carbon neutral in 2030. The Cupertino based firm that it was to reduce 70% of the package which would help Apple to ship more no. of products than usual. By freeing the shipping space Apple could reduce shipping related emissions.  

iPhone 12 charger not included

The VP of Apple’s Marketing Team claim regarding the removal of charger 

In an interview held by Good Morning America, Kaiann Drance, VP of Apple marketing disclosed the underneath truth of removing the iPhone’s charging adaptations. The VP claimed that all the iPhone user in this world have the accessories required to use an iPhone, so even though if the charger and EarPods is not provided, they won’t be discouraged to purchase the iPhone 12 Series and also, they would be able to buy the 12 Series excluding the price of the accessories.  

Even though the iPhone is not providing the charger, they include the USB-Type C cable which is designed to work with any USB-Type C adapter. The iPhone’s new step in this field would create a wide change in the thinking of manufacturing industries. Apple will ditch the Charger and EarPods in iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Series also, you will see these changes in new stock of these iPhones.  

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