Realme X7 Series to Have an Unusual Design, Source

Realme, the Shenzhen based smartphone manufacturing company is all set to release its latest handset device. This will be the much anticipated Realme X7 series. The device will be making its way to the market soon enough as well.

Just some days back, the company had teased its fan base with some new features of the device. These included the likes of DC Dimming, 1200 Nits Brightness Display etc. It seems that the company itself can’t control its excitement either. There has been another development that put the spotlight on Realme, exciting Realme users even more.

They just recently revealed some live images of the soon to launch Realme X7 line up series on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo. The revelation came from two senior executives working at Realme itself. One of them was the Chief Marketing Officer of the smartphone company- Xu Qi Chase. The new images display a clear tri color gradient that has the Realme company logo on the top.

This particular tri color gradient that can be observed in the image is popularly known as “C Colour” or “Special Gradient.” The posted image even shows the Realme tagline written on the device’s rear- “Dare to Leap.” Realme claims that it always follows its slogan whenever it launches a new device. It is the company’s tagline after all.

Apart from the unusual design itself, Xianghai Sire, the Realme Design Director, made other statements about the device’s design development. The color reportedly took over 8 months to develop! Not only that, it took well over 400 hours to color proof as well! He further reveals that the design was designed in a manner that it would be appreciated by the youth. He even adds that it was a gamble that the company bet on.

Xianghai Sire reveals that fashion provides a way to promote embracing multiculturalism, rather than being a mere trend. And through this new product, they plan to embrace and welcome Western cultures, inculcating them. Through this, they plan to target younger people as it is a part of their culture. Xianghai Sire states that the customised AG effect in accordance with the youth, the main Realme device users.

Realme adopted the “Dare to leap” tagline last year itself. Xianghai Sire states that “every young man is daring to leap, to challenge himself or herself, and work hard to earn what they deserve.” They plan to put it into action in this manner.

Although the device has a rear quad camera set up, it might not be something to write home about. The unusual design that stands out, could be an attempt to distract fans’ attention as well.

Realme is all geared up for 1st September 2020 to launch the X7 series. Expectations dictate that the launch will be in China at 2 PM CST Asia (i.e. 11:30 AM IST). Realme X7 Pro has appeared on (Chinese Online Retailer) website (check) and reveals all the specifications.

Deepanjan Datta

Deepanjan Datta

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