Realme X7 Series is confirmed to launch on September 1

Realme is back in the news yet again. Just yesterday, we talked about its new earphones and 2 days before that we published the article on Realme C12. It seems, Realme is buckling up to give a big competition to its competitors. Well, the next phone that Realme is going to launch also signals to this. The company shared a poster which showed the new device that they would be unveiling. The poster was pretty messed-up if we say in simple language. This is because, the company did not wholly focus on the device but added colours to the poster which made it hard for the people to infer the design of the Realme X7 Series.

Anyways when it comes to the design of an upcoming devices, the internet, by any means manages to get real-life renders. So, let us wait for a few more days, and the renders are sure to be leaked. If not, the launch date itself is not that far. You can see that everything in this poster is written in Chinese. Let us translate it and go by the details one by one.

On the top, Realme has stated “Dared to be Outstanding”. This points towards, this being an exclusive Realme device and the best device that Realme has launched till now. The second and the third line are inter-related which shows the release date of the Realme X7 being on the 1st September 2020. The Realme X7 would have a 120Hz fast refresh rate. Devices that have this kind of refresh rate are generally priced at a high-end, but for Realme it is quite unlikely. 

At the bottom, the Chinese text that the company has included translates to, “thin and light flash charging flagship”. This means that the Realme X7 series will for sure come with fast charging. Though, the wattage of the charge is still not clear, but its assumed that the device might feature 125W UltraDART charging.

It was said by Realme that they would soon be revealing the launch date of its upcoming smartphone. Well, they did as they said and we have the launch date for the Realme X7. The Chinese smartphone company said that this phone would be launched in China on September 1. Right now, there is no information about the global version of this phone. But it is most likely that Realme would be bringing this phone to the rest of the world.

The Realme X7 Series has some promising features and this was already clear even before this launch. The X7 series might be priced at a high point but it will be worth it if it is around Rs 20,000. If anything, more, the market would incline to the better options being the Samsung A-series which supply devices at that price point. If this device is priced below Rs 20,000, then it would be a clear winner.

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