Realme to launch its first ever laptop in India soon!

Realme, a company that makes mid range smartphones, plans to release its first-ever laptop in the near future. A tweet posted by Realme India & Europe founder Madhav Sheth teased the launch of Realme’s first laptop today. The post shared by Madhav Sheth was more in a cryptic code, which translates to “Hello World” with an image giving a sneak peek of the laptop inside a paper bag. 

This code is popularly used in the computer programming world as a way of introduction. Moreover, Realme India & Europe CEO Madhav Sheth challenged his followers to decode the name of the new device. 

This post takes back to the time when Steve Jobs teased Apple’s first-generation MacBook Air in 2008. Also, the Realme first-ever laptop somehow looks similar to a MacBook with the same grey finish. 

Though, we are not sure if Realme Laptop is designed with a unibody aluminium chassis or a plastic build. Realme has been working on setting forth in the world of laptop making and could once again put Realme at odds with Xiaomi. 

The company once said that “We have been seeing tons of requests for Laptop, and we want to better understand your needs.” By this, several reports insinuated that the company might launch a laptop sooner or later.

For now, Realme, has been busy gearing up for the launch of its next flagship smartphone “Realme GT 5G“, at global scale. Realme GT is scheduled to launch on 15th June. 

A laptop from Realme should be available by the start of July, after the launch of Realme GT. However, the company has not offered much information entailing the specifications or launch date of the Laptop. But we look forward to learning more about the Realme’s First-ever Laptop in the coming days. 

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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