Realme Book live images leaked ahead of launch

Smartphone manufacturer Realme’s CEO Madhav Seth, revealed the first upcoming laptop from Realme earlier this week. And now Android Authority has gotten multiple images of the gadget, giving us a good picture of what’s to come. According to leaked photos, the company will be launching two products: the Realme Book laptop and the Realme Pad tablet. Usually, most laptops are designed horizontally but the photos leaked by Android Authority reveal a tall footprint of this Realme device.

Realme called its debut laptop the Realme Book, and this book has a design that is extremely similar to the MacBook Pro. Realme will release the Realme Book in a variety of SKUs, each with its own set of features.

It will also have a small bezel and Realme branding on the bottom and an Aspect Ratio of 3:2. The laptop looks to feature an aluminum case and a compact side profile, as shown in one of the leaked images. On the left side, there are two USB-C connectors, which might indicate that the Realme Book would charge through USB PD, though this is still rumored and to be verified. Dual speaker grilles are located on the laptop’s underbody, which is believed to be the best location because the sound is reflected and amplified.

On the bottom, there are two speaker holes as well as a bigger cutout for cooling. For the time being, there is no information about the remainder of the hardware. Windows 10 covers the software side, as expected. Although, not all these features are confirmed yet. The functionalities are also likely to differ depending on the customization options Realme makes available.

Last year, Xiaomi launched its Mi Notebook computers in India for roughly Rs 40,000. After these photographs, the Realme Book seems to be a game-changer in the industry, but its success will so far depend on its price. By considering Realme’s track record, we can anticipate it to be reasonably priced.

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