Qualcomm strikes back with the Quick Charge 5

When we talk about processors, the first company or brand that comes into our mind is always Qualcomm. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processors have been in the lead since the time of arrival. Since 2007, the year of the first production, phones which have a Qualcomm Processor inside are seen to work better than phones with other processors. Many of you might not know this, but Qualcomm was the first company to introduce fast-charging or Quick Charge as the company states it. From Quick Charge 1 to Quick Charge 4, the quick  charging  standards have been improvised every generation. But now Qualcomm introduced their next generation charging technology “Quick Charge 5” to the world.  

About Launch

Now, Qualcomm has finally introduced the Quick Charge 5 with introducing new dual charge technology. It has been years since it introduced its last quick charging standard i.e. The Quick Standard 4, which also had an enhanced version update to 4+. The interesting fact is, this time it assures big promises. This latest version is one of the biggest leaps for the company this year.  

Promises by Qualcomm

The Quick Charge 5 is said to give users a mind-blowing experience. It will have the ability to charge a device from 0 to 50 percent in just five minutes (claimed). This is not it! It will also only take 15 minutes to fully charge a phone. The company is set forward to give you the life where you do not have to wait for hours to get your phone charged. 

qualcomm Quick Charge 5

The effect of taking out your charger beforehand. 

You will have to agree that people nowadays are always in a rush and they do not have the patience to wait for hours to get the phone charge. Hence, they compromise by taking out the charger at 60% or even 30%. It might seem like a small deal to many but did you know the effects of it? 

qualcomm Quick Charge 5

You might have heard that you should not leave your phone charged overnight and should never let your phone get to 100%. But this does not mean you charge your phone to just a small percentage and then charge it repeatedly. This is because every time your phone goes through a charging cycle, your battery is said to wear out. This means, every time you plug in your charger your cycle starts and when you plug it out it ends. So, if you keep your phone charged repeatedly, your phone will go through more cycles and hence wear the battery out. 

Comparison between Quick Charge 5 and OnePlus’s Warp Charge

OnePlus is considered one of the best fast-charging smartphone companies in the market. It is said to get charged from 0-50% in just 20 minutes. Well now, Qualcomm with its QC5 will be beating these standards and reducing the time to just 5 minutes. 

One more thing to note is, OnePlus remains colder than any other phones that  use Qualcomm, but now the company has assured that the phone would be 10°C cooler than the phones using QC4. You might be thinking how is the temperature related to charging? Phone’s power supplies are extremely sensitive  to elevated temperatures, so this new standard will help us in improving the phone’s life. 

Idea behind Quick Charge 5

The idea behind the new Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 is that it will allow the original equipment manager to insert two batteries in their phone to make it charge super-fast. A  4500mAh battery would consist of two individual 2250mAh cells that will be managed by a Qualcomm battery chip. This can reach to more than 20V input voltage and wattage beyond 100W. It might even take more space than a regular battery which is obviously  forward. Oppo has been using the same high-speed  technology that the new QC5 is going to use. Quick charge 5 is compatible with all its earlier charging standard versions. All sorts of USB PD-Compatible devices can be charged with the latest QC5 safely and securely. 

We all know that Qualcomm is one of the biggest processors and modern suppliers, it is not surprising that tons of companies are already using its products. With such excellent features and technology, speculations are that it might be a bit complicated and expensive as well. When this product finally comes into the market fulfilling all its promises, all the users and people who are always in a rush are going to go crazy over it. 

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