Qualcomm Processor : A Threat To Your Personal Details?

Qualcomm is back in the news after launching its Quick Charge 5. This time though it is not coming with a new product but a new problem. A problem that makes 40% of the devices in the market vulnerable. Yes, 40%, that is nearly half of the smartphones in the world are at risk.

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm as everyone knows produces one of the fastest processors in the market. The company is well-known and its Snapdragon series has a large fan-base. These processing chips ensure whether the device is running well or not. These are like the “brain” of the smartphones. Without processors, there is no smartphone.  

Security Breach 

This is literally the job Qualcomm plays, I.e., to be the brain of your phone. Imagine having a brain that can be controlled by someone else. Well, this is the case as said by CheckPoint, a multinational provider of products for IT security. 

Many of you might have watched Money Heist. If you did not, there was this episode in which the police hacked the phone of one of the hostages. They got access to her entire phone, in fact they could see through the lens (front and back). Never could anyone have imagined that this is not only fictional but this can literally happen to your phone if it’s running on a Qualcomm SoC.  

CheckPoint discovered that a hacker could turn your phone into a spying tool without you having to interact with any specific application. They can get access to anything on your phone, from messages to photos to videos to call records, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

Actions Being Taken 

Firstly, talking about the company who found out about this breach, they have not yet specified the way you can save yourself from being hacked. But they have informed the respected government authorities, smartphone companies and obviously Qualcomm itself who have started working to find a solution for this.

Coming to the main player in this case, Qualcomm has patched 6 security flaws as discovered by CheckPoint. Qualcomm also went public and released the following statement:

“Regarding the Qualcomm Compute DSP vulnerability disclosed by Check Point, we worked diligently to validate the issue and make appropriate mitigations available to OEMs. We have no evidence it is currently being exploited. We encourage end-users to update their devices as patches become available and to only install applications from trusted locations such as the Google Play Store.” 

For a company that is this renowned in the market of processors, this is surely a set-back. Right now, there are not a lot of people who are aware of this. But in case this becomes viral, Qualcomm, and obviously the smartphone companies using Qualcomm will face a big downfall in terms of reputation and sales later on.

On the other hand, Qualcomm will fix this breach as soon as possible. So, the only appeal that Qualcomm would have for its users would be “Have faith in us!” So, let us hope for the best! Qualcomm is sure to fix this.


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