PUBG Mobile Is Back In India, Official Announcement by Developers

Indian gamers were left devastated when the news of blocking PUBG from India came out widely. The biggest news now to them again experiences the wonderful gaming life back with that PUBG around in India. Yes, the corporation of PUBG launched the game officially back here. It will come in the form of the new version, which will be named PUBG Mobile India, which is ready with no more ban in the game. As per the PUBG Corporation, this new version of the game is specifically out for all Indian gamers. It will have some changes made in ut. Now the characters present in the game will be fully clothed, and the official launching date will be known soon.

The PUBG Corporation will ensure a full safe gameplay. It is for the PUBG Mobile Indian gamers as the government felt that the game is kind of a bad influence on all the youngsters. The game was considered very violent, having influenced the culture and especially the way the characters were dressed. The newer version of the game will have fully clothed characters. They are present in a virtual simulation training ground. This is the latest version, which is very familiar to the Indian gamers for sure.  

Before it was out, the game affected the health of a teenager badly. So the corporation has now decided to overcome the issue. There will be no more health problems as the game will come with limited time to play. The entire team will take care of the younger players’ healthy habits and will not cause any strain on them. As per their announcement, PUBG Mobile will have a subsidiary based in India. It is for efficient contact with the other game players. It will employ around 100 people.

They will be experts in business, eSports, and game development. It is so that the government will not have much misunderstanding of the game being destructive. The team will invest $100 million to grow the local video game, eSports, entertainment, and IT industries. This will be one of the most massive investments by any Korean company in India. It will conduct events and tournaments.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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