PORTL Hologram introduced HOLOPORTL – beam holograms in video chat

PORTL Hologram has created phone booth sized machines. It will beam live holograms into your living room and will allow you to have free-flowing conversations. It will allow you to “beam” from anywhere to anywhere else and that too in real time. This sounds so fascinating!

“For the first time in history you can converse with an artificially intelligent hologram beamed into a human sized hologram projection machine and ask them anything, anywhere, at anytime” said David Nussbaum, CEO of PORTL Inc.

Each PORTL device is seven feet i.e. 2.1m tall, five feet i.e. 1.5m wide and two feet i.e. 0.6m deep. It can be plugged into a standard 15amp outlet. Anyone from anywhere with a camera and a white background can send a hologram to the machine. The person will have the ability to see, hear, and fully interact with other persons in 4K holographic resolution. The machine has stereo speakers with volume control on both the sides. It also has an audience facing camera for telepresence, security, and motion detection. It has Daytime and night-time brightness settings for a good view.

Different ways to use HOLOPORTL:

The machine can also be used to produce or film and edit any content and play it back on loop through motion activation as a hologram movie. It can be equipped with technology which will enable interaction with recorded holograms of historical figures or relatives who have passed away. Families can also record information for future generations. You can feel the person’s presence even though they are not there. The company is also promoting museums. This could let visitors question a hologram of a historical figure. This is a great innovation.

This device is surely a great way to communicate in current pandemic situations. It is a huge step forward by the company. People who have not met for a long time can now connect to each other through this amazing technology. Simply, you will have to beam there. Army officers who can not meet their families due to their obligation towards their nation, can now easily meet them through this machine. Top Professors from around the world can beam into many locations at once. And even it can allow Live telepresence concerts. The performers cam beam into multiple locations around the world.

The prices for this machine start at $60,000, which is approximately Rs. 45 lakhs. The company expects that the price will drop over the next three to five years. The company also has plans of a smaller tabletop device with a lower price tag early next year. So, then more people will be able to afford this amazing machine.

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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