Pokemon Unite will be released on Nintendo Switch in July, Android and iOS in September

Get ready to boost your gaming experience with Pokemon UNITE coming to Nintendo Switch in July, 2021. Last year, at Pokemon Direct 2020, Pokemon Company announced the launch of Pokemon UNITE. And, now about a year later, the company has announced Pokémon UNITE launch date. 

Just a reminder, last year MOBA gameplay & Pokemon Company shook hands to treat their fans with a MOBA style Pokemon Video Game. Since then, it has created quite a buzz amongst game lovers. 

Pokemon UNITE is now coming to Nintendo SWITCH in July, and is expected to make its way to Android & iOS later in September. On 17th June, the company posted a trailer for the upcoming game on its YouTube channel. Pokemon UNITE is the first well thought out team video game targeted at reinvigorating the basic elements of both MOBA & Pokemon World. 

As a MOBA element, the game consists of 5 on 5 format, i.e., there will be 2 teams, each with 5 players. The five players of each team will compete against each other, each player with their own Pokemon (which of course will come with their powers & items). 

The two teams will play a match on a MOBA styled map, known as Aeos Island, and players will be able to choose their favourite Pokemon characters. 

Moving back to the trailer, Pokemon UNITE aspires at defeating the opponent by putting a ball down the loop at the opponent’s side. Pokemon UNITE sounds more like a basketball game, the only difference is Pokemon characters can really level it up. 

In the trailer we noticed that, with the advancement of battle, each Pokemon character will be able to unfold its powers & abilities. On defeating the opposing Pokemon or wild Pokemon, characters will drop Aeos energy. Further, this Aeos energy can then be collected and put into the opposing team’s goal for points, before the timer runs out. 

And the team which scores maximum points, will be the winner (as we know). One thing to note is that, before the following match, the Pokemon character will return to level 1. As we noticed in the trailer, the Cinderace regressed to Scorbunny, which evolved into Raboot, and then back to Cinderace. 

This leads us to one interesting question “how evolution is going to work?” As you can observe there are certain things about the game that are yet to come out. 

Further, a report suggested that Pokemon UNITE is said to support cross-platform, enabling players to play between Nintendo SWITCH & mobile devices. This might come with cross-progression support, so players could  sign in to their Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account across multiple devices to sync their progress. 

So far we know that Pokemon UNITE will be a free-to-play game, and as the progress players will be rewarded with Aeon coins and tickets, which then can be used to unlock cosmetic upgrades, and other things as well.

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