OxygenOS Open Beta 17/7 update for OnePlus 7/7T with 2020.08 Security Patches

In a recent announcement, the popular smartphone brand that we all know and love, OnePlus, announced a major revision and update related to OxygenOS Open Beta updates. A revision to the frequency of OxygenOS Open Beta update rollouts was recently brought to notice by an announcement from the smartphone company. Recently OnePlus has rolled out a new update of OxygenOS Open Beta 17/7 for OnePlus 7/7T users that brings security patches of August 2020.

In a bid to improve and better the public beta build stability, the company, reportedly, plans to reduce the frequency of the number of Open Beta updates to just one OTA each month rather than two. As for the current ongoing month of August, there is a brand new set of Open Beta builds bringing over August 2020 security patches as well as a list of some bug fixes.

The new update change bumps up the Android safety patch stage (SPL) to August 2020 that includes quite a few fixes and optimizations. Additionally, it also features a user help and assistance function that includes a list of tips and tricks to make the best use of the smartphone device. This can be found within Settings, inside OnePlus Tips & Help.

The entire changelog for the Open Beta 17 and Open Beta 7 for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T series are as listed below:

Changelog of OxygenOS Open Beta 17/7

  • System:
    • Newly added user help and assistance functionality to assist users for complete usage expertise in a quick manner (Route: Settings -> OnePlus Tips & Help)
    • Fixed the abnormal and irregular error occurring in Lockbox
    • Fixed the auto-start problem with QXDM logs after reboot
    • Optimized user expertise with the lengthy screenshot functionality in some cases and scenarios
    • Bumped up the Android security and safety patch to 2020.08
  • Messages:
    • Optimized the categorization and messages of the same contact now merged in just one card (only for Indian users)
  • File Manager:
    • Fixed the problem that File Manager did not display some of the downloaded documents of mobile apps
  • Network:
    • Optimized Wi-Fi transfer stability and steadiness
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