Oppo launches Enco X wireless earbuds with newly added features

Oppo is a renowned brand not only in India but also in several parts of countries all around the world. A brand which is known for fantastic smartphone features has come up with something new, which is for now only launched in China. The latest Enco X wireless earbuds by Oppo is taking the smartphone world of the brand to a higher level. Initially available in blue, black and green, the earbuds are available in China for 999 yuan. In Indian money, it will come up to 10,965 and is known for the unique design for sure.

Features of the Oppo Enco X wireless earbuds:

Named as Oppo Enco X the beautiful wireless earbuds is incorporated with a dual-microphone system. It indeed has a 6mm magnetic plane diaphragm. It cuts shorts all the noise production. However, it will indeed provide clear audio due to 3 layers of moving coil units in it. The product comes with a claimed battery life which will withstand for 4 hours of continuous application. Latency up to 47 ms the earbuds can run for 20 hours. If you wish for a longer run then with the help of the charging case, it is possible.

Oppo Enco X will use Bluetooth 5.2 and will reduce the transmission delay via Bluetooth. Buyers can activate transparency mode by long pressing, and the earbuds support SBC, AAC, and LHDC Bluetooth codecs. Dual Chip noise reduction will be obtained along with compatibility to use with iOS and Android devices. Via the touch control’s users can increase the level of the volume or decrease it as per their choice and can attend calls or change the track of their hearing.

Offerings and Deliveries:

The latest Enco X offers much more like different eartips size and true wireless earbuds with increased reduction level of sound. However, the launch is initiated only in China and not in India or any other parts of the world. There is a talk going of getting the wireless Earbuds delivered for sale by the end of this year, but nothing is officially confirmed yet.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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