Oppo announced New Hybrid Optical Zoom Camera Technology

Oppo has announced a new hybrid optical zoom technology. It is based on its next-generation periscope camera module. It uses a seven-piece lens to deliver superior optical performance and image resolution. The new smartphones of the company will be expected with this new feature. The new smartphone will be a successor to the Reno 10x Zoom. However, company has not released any official date for the arrival of its new technology.

Oppo’s new hybrid optical zoom technology will enable users to have a clear and accurate picture. It will offer an enhanced zoom functionality on future smartphones. It comes with new autofocus. Also, it has optical stabilisation modules. This will use a high-precision driver motor integrated circuit (IC). This will help move two groups of lenses accurately for zooming and autofocus. It will also allow optical image stabilisation.

The company is also using a “large-size” image sensor. It has up to 32-megapixels resolution. It also has 4-in-1-pixel binning technology. This will allow a full high-definition experience at both near and far distances. The company claims that users will be able to capture real and accurate images even with the new hybrid zoom technology. There are the new driver motor IC to provide a smooth optical zoom.

Oppo Hybrid Optical Zoom Image
Image Credit: Oppo

Further, it uses a revolutionary stepped periscope zoom structure with a 16:11 wide-ratio large-size image sensor. And sophisticated imaging algorithms is also used. The periscope-style camera module allows focal length adjustment from 85mm to 135mm. The aperture is f/3.3 to f/4.4. It utilises the optical capabilities of the lenses. It also has a combination of multi-focus image fusion and multi-camera field-of-view angle alignment technologies alongside a super-scoring algorithm. This enables a hybrid zoom coverage of up to 280 mm focal length.

The company claims that camera technology will produce sharp and vivid shots even in dark lights. It will also retain details with rich colors even when using the highest zoom level.

The company has also provided some image samples comparing a regular 85mm and 135mm camera tech versus Oppo’s new camera tech. An image comparing the new technology with a conventional camera has also been released. It shows the details of the performance, specifically on the 135mm focal length.

The company has already launched the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. It has 60x hybrid zoom. However, Oppo has not yet revealed when and which smartphone will get this hybrid optical zoom technology.


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