OnePlus will enter the tablet market soon with OnePlus Pad

Chinese tech manufacturer company OnePlus is known for its mid-range quality products such as smartphones, smart TVs, earbuds, smartwatches, etc. However, the OnePlus has never launched a tablet of its own yet. The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) listing indicates that OnePlus is soon going to launch a tablet device under the name of “OnePlus Pad.”

The rumoured device is listed as a “OnePlus Pad” on the European Union Intellectual Property Office site. Further, the listings at the EUIPO site indicated that a new OnePlus tablet will be launched in the coming few months. However, except for the product’s name, no other information about the product such as specifications, price, availability, design, size, etc are revealed yet. The product listings were initially founded by MySmartPrice which further reported about it.

A fact to point out is that the EUIPO listings filed on July 1, 2021, showed that the status for the OnePlus Pad is “Application under examination.” This clearly suggests that the OnePlus tablet has not been finalised yet, so we can expect a time of a few more months before the company officially announces the OnePlus Pad.

However, OnePlus is not the only company getting into the tablet market as some other companies have also filed their tablet on the site. Vivo too has filed its Vivo Pad on the EUIPO site, whereas Realme has officially announced the arrival of a new tablet shortly.

Recently, OnePlus has announced merging its OxygenOS with the Oppo ColorOS to “improve the OxygenOS experience” for OnePlus smartphones including the Nord series. Considering this, we can expect that the upcoming OnePlus tablet will also run on the new merged OS. 

The OnePlus Pad is not yet officially announced by the Chinese company but considering the buzz this news has already created, the OnePlus will surely be responding to it soon.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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