OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition with sapphire glass and leather straps launched

OnePlus has launched OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition which is a limited edition version of the OnePlus Watch which was introduced in March by the company. The smartwatch has been initially launched in China and its availability in the country will be initiated on May 17. At the launch of the original OnePlus Watch, also known as the OnePlus Watch Classic Edition, the company had displayed its Cobalt limited edition to the world previously in March. The company hasn’t spoken yet about the global launch of the new OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited edition.

The price of this new Limited Edition OnePlus Watch is CNY 1,599 which amounts to Rs 18,200 in India. It is to be noted that the new OnePlus Watch Cobalt Edition is more expensive than the original OnePlus Watch which was launched in China previously at a price of CNY 999 which is around Rs. 11,400 in India. The original version was introduced in India in March at a price of Rs. 14,999.

The new variant of the smartwatch has a sturdier design and structure compared to the original edition but the features and specifications are similar to the original model. The original model has a round dial, fluoroelastomer straps, a stainless steel build and a simple classy design while the new special edition features a sapphire glass, leather straps and a frame with a gold finish to it.

The sapphire glass present in the new variant has a Mohs rating of 9 for hardness and provides build strength and adds scratch resistant property to the model. The new variant sports cobalt alloy in its middle frame that offers a studier design and build to the smartwatch and it happens to be the first instance when a cobalt alloy has been used in a smartwatch as claimed by the company.

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