OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition is now available in India for pre-order

OnePlus confirms that their latest OnePlus Watch Cobalt limited edition will be available for pre-order in India for Rs. 19,999. Coming to the specialty of the watch and what makes it a limited edition, OnePlus claims that there is a special coating of sapphire glass on the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition and Mohs rating of 9, ensuring exceptional scratch resistance. It has an enhanced brightness display with unique watch faces.

The Mohs hardness rating scale measures how resistant a particular material is to scratching. Usually, smartphones and smartwatches scratch at a level 7, whereas sapphire scratches at a level 9, making the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition pretty durable for its price.

The case of this particular OnePlus Watch is specially crafted from a cobalt alloy, which is a hypoallergenic material and has twice the hardness and more corrosion resistance than the standard stainless steel option that Is used in different smartwatches. This is where the Cobalt Edition stands out exceptionally as they have delivered a watch, which is solid and durable. The watch also has a whopping 14-day long battery life, complemented with fast-charging capabilities. It also has 5ATM+1P68 water resistance, making it capable of swimming and water splashes and durability in depths upto 5 meters.

With this particular model, OnePlus aims to bring premium durability and premium comfort at a much affordable rate, introducing premium materials more accessible in everyday wearables. As the company officially claims that the Cobalt Limited Edition has a premium design and materials typical of luxury watches, is the perfect extension of this philosophy in the wearable segment.

The watch will be available for pre-order on OnePlus’ official website, OnePlus store App & OnePlus Stores, July 16 onwards. It comes with a 46mm circular dial, AMOLED Display, and a durable cobalt alloy structure.

It is priced at Rs. 19,999, quite fruitful for what it offers. People can still avail themselves of Rs. 1000 discount on the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition using HDFC Bank Card or EMI transactions until September 15. This particular product can perform well in the Indian market, and depending on the features it delivers for its price, it’s a pretty good buy.

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