OnePlus Truly Wireless Earbuds will arrive in July

2020 is a market of Truly Wireless Earbuds and every company wants to make and sell their earbuds. Now no any single flagship device arrives with headphone jack and that is a reason behind use bluetooth earbuds. Apple has started this truly wireless trend and now every company follow this trend and make their own earbuds. The rumors said that OnePlus will launched their truly wireless earbuds after two months.

Max J has recently claims about upcoming OnePlus’s Truly Wireless Earbuds that will arrive in July. This earbuds will most look like Apple’s AirPods. We think that OnePlus will launch this earbuds with upcoming OnePlus Z launch event.

This new earbuds would look a lot like AirPods first generation and it will be bit more rounded. This is a actual design not an illustration. The case of this earbuds will be look like Google’s Pixel Earbuds.

Oppo has recently launched a wireless earbuds and everyone knows about that OnePlus is following the design and component of Oppo’s product. OnePlus and Oppo both are share their components and design because they both are working under BBK Electronics.

Max J said that this time render comes from a new source and this new source does not have any previous record. What you think about this upcoming OnePlus’s wireless earbuds, do comment below.

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