OnePlus to unveil Android 11 based HydrogenOS 11 globally on August 10

OnePlus has provided the experience that the users always sought from android phones. The OnePlus One did not ship with its own software but with the CyanogenOS. Whereas in the Chinese Market, it was launched with its own OS. For the global market, it was a big setback as they had been waiting for the phone with their own OS. Therefore, in a while after the launch, OnePlus separated its way from the CyanogenOS. It then started preparing to launch its OxygenOS for the global users.

When the OxygenOS launched, it gave the users an experience like never before. It was specifically designed to provide the users with an ultra-fast and seamless smooth experience. In 2015, when this software was launched, it was considered the cleanest OS of them all.

In 2016, Oneplus released the OxygenOS 3.0. It introduced new modifications and features like Gestures, Shelf, and a dark mode. During this time, there was no dark mode option provided by Android hence OnePlus gave its customer an exclusive experience at that time. Since then, the company has worked on it immensely and has now introduced many new features.

This software was made, keeping in mind the needs of the Chinese market. The features and the user interface, both appeased the Chinese audience. Initially the HydrogenOS and the OxygenOS had two completely UI and features. 

Now, OnePlus is deciding to merge the codebase of HydrogenOS with OxygenOS. This would not only give users the combo experience but also better the company by making it easier to provide updates for them.

It is foreseen that the Android 11 will be launched soon. Along with it, the HydrogenOS would also be launched. The new features would probably include a redesigned Weather app and an Always-On Display. Initially, it would be open for Beta-tests so if you want to dive right into it, you can but beware of the bugs. 

OnePlus has again gone an extra mile to provide its consumer with the best experience. Introducing HydrogenOS to the global market will obviously be the best decision of the company. 

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Kanishk Sharma

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