OnePlus to launch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition for the OnePlus Watch on May 24

OnePlus is launching a new variant of the OnePlus Watch which is a wearable watch with a 1.4’’ OLED display as well as the brand’s one and only smart watch. The new variant which is a Cobalt limited edition of the original version is set to be launched on May 24 in the brand’s home country China and will be known as OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077. Both watches are pretty much similar in terms of their features but the new OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 will have more attractive design and visual features. According to few other reports, OnePlus will soon reveal a Harry Potter limited edition of the smart watch in the near future as well.

The wearable smart watch will be available for pre-order starting at 8 PM local time on May 24 in China. The OnePlus Watch has a price of approximately Rs. 15,000 so it is expected that the new OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition variant will cost more than the original version. Also the new OnePlus Watch will work efficiently with smartphones from other brands as well without any issue as per reports.

The OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition will come with a 1.4-inch circular OLED display and tempered glass protection similar to the original version. The Cyberpunk-branded watch will be powered by a custom processor with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage and will have a black rubber strap with yellow stripes and the logo of the game. The watch is also IP68 water and dust certified and the device is also water-resistant with up to 5ATM. It will also be equipped with a warp charge-infused battery.

Overall, this collaboration between a game developer and a smartphone brand is a good shift from the traditional approach and we hope that more such collaborations will be seen in the future which will pave the path to more research and development in this field.

Kanchan Choudhary
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