OnePlus Smartwatch, the rumours likely to come True

Smartwatches are the watches of the modern world. The first smartwatch was manufactured by Seiko which increased the trend of smartwatches among the people. This lead to the manufacture of modern-day smartwatches by leading smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. Last year, we heard many rumors about the OnePlus smartwatch which would be launched but there was no confirmation.

Recently, it has been spotted on both IMDA which stands for Infocomm Media Development Authority, and BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards which confirms its release, and it’s simply called The OnePlus watch. It’s not completely leaked about that model but some of the major parts have been covered. The release date is yet not confirmed. It was supposed to hit the market alongside the OnePlus 8T but unfortunately, this watch was not released with OnePlus 8T.

Let me tell you, On 14 October 2020 just after the launch of OnePlus 8T, OnePlus posted something on its official Twitter handle. The post had a caption “MORE THINGS ARE COMING TO ONEPLUS ECOSYSTEM. IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME”. The Image which was shared is a concept of 2015 but the final design is expected to be quite different and advanced than the image. According to previous rumors, it could be the same as OPPO and as users witness common things in their model and as both belong to the same parent company BBK Electronics; it was thought that it could be featured with the squared dial.

But according to Max J and the post which was made by OnePlus on its official Twitter handle, it won’t be of squared shape. As the first wearable, OnePlus has decided to go with a round dial design. As per the image posted by Max J, there is a hint, its “WATCH” which is written on the dial is modified and written as “WOTCH”. As most people like the squared design than the round one, One Plus should also look into the other part of the design and give it a premium finish like their smartphones.

As we know the OnePlus Smartwatch project was postponed earlier, so they have been actively working on it to revive. It is likely to run wireless and they can use the recent Snapdragon processors. So it could be a great opportunity for the company to bring such premium smartwatches.

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