OnePlus Gallery v3.12.28 added support for 4K Video Editing

The v3.12.28 of OnePlus Gallery has now been released. Many people, techies and OnePlus users saw this coming and were waiting for it to release. There was no information as to what would OnePlus be bringing next. But now that it has been released, it turns out that and now OnePlus Gallery app has support of 4K Video Editing

This is one of the most amazing features that OnePlus has included this time round. This means, if you update to version v3.12.28 of the OnePlus Gallery, you will presently be able to cut and alter your preferred high frame-rate 4K UHD content. Taking into account that you have had the option to shoot videos at 4K in many OnePlus devices since a long time, it is surprising to see that OnePlus has taken this long to finally give the users the access to edit their own videos.

Talking about altering videos, you might have seen that in the last version of the OnePlus Gallery, the company had oddly removed the option to edit slow-motion videos. But now, this functionality is back. It brings sigh of relief along with it for the videographers who take slow-motion videos with OnePlus’s strong camera.

Other than these functions, the company has also introduced the following updates;

  • Include 4K 60FPS video altering 
  • Fix slow-motion video editorial manager  
  • Add photograph projection to OnePlus television  
  • Fix issues including sharing photographs from gallery, red shading, and photograph missing 

The new OnePlus Gallery version brings relief and joy to many of the users. Having the ability to record a video (be it normal or slo-mo) and not having the ability to edit it is rather weird. I am very happy to see this major update of the Gallery app from OnePlus that supports 4K video editing. This application right now is only for beta-testing and not available commercially. So daily users would not be able to get their hands on, on this new update. But it is only a matter of a few days. Then this update would be rolled out on Google Play Store.

Image Credit: 9to5google

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