OnePlus 8T series camera details leaked – What’s new ?

There’s an all new leak on the the next expected Devices from OnePlus, the 8T series. The leak is on the camera that we can expect to be on the phone. The source of the leak was the OnePlus’s teased camera app, version 5.4.23, which shows in some code snippets that the camera will be having a 64MP primary sensor. This was stated by a report from XDA developers. The code snippets also states that there will be another 16MP camera.

Since there aren’t any OnePlus devices with either 64MP or 16MP cameras , we are highly expecting them to be on OnePlus 8T series. OnePlus has made it’s best ever complete flagship phone, OnePlus 8 pro with all the flagship features.

Before the company was missing features like wireless charging,reverse charging, IP certified resistance. But with the 8 Pro it covered all those features with great quality. Even the display was told to be the best by display mate giving an A rating to it.

OnePlus 8T Series

Many users found display issues on their devices but OnePlus acknowledged and stated that it was just a software issue, not a hardware issue and the users don’t have to worry about it as the issue will be resolved by an OTA update.

As of now most of the users didn’t find the issues on their devices or that the issues were reduced. Now OnePlus has to concentrate on it’s camera , because the rival companies like Xiaomi has gone up-to 108MP for it’s camera and also up-to 8K video recording. OnePlus used a 48MP on it’s previous devices, OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 7 pro and 7T series.

The OnePlus 8 pro had another 12mp camera , which is used as the default camera. The 48mp camera required a well lit scenes to capture detailed shots and also didn’t support zoom-in or burst shots feature. It did have another 48mp ultrawide camera though.

Now that we know the company will be putting a 64MP camera , also requiring well lit scenes around for a detailed shot. It seems that even this doesn’t support the burst shots feature so has a 16MP camera, which will be used as the default like in OnePlus 8 pro. Even though OnePlus’s sensor is low with respect to megapixels compared to other phones, it gives an amazing quality of photos highly competing it’s rivals.

The company usually releases it’s T series phones in the third or fourth quarter of the year. Since the company has released the much awaited OnePlus NORD, we can expect the next device to be the 8T series. We can also expect a 65W wired Warp charging feature on it. There aren’t much leaks on the 8T series yet.



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