OnePlus 8/8 Pro : Android 11 Developer Preview 1 released

OnePlus has recently released OxygenOS based Android 11 developer preview 1 for their flagship OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. This build may have some bugs because it is for developers and is under development.

There are minor changes regarding gestures, dark mode and security. You are now able to switch between two recent apps easily through swipe navigation gestures left and right.

Now, OnePlus added dark mode toggle in the quick setting panel, like other Apple and Samsung devices. In the history of OxygenOS, if users want to enable dark mode then they need to go-to the setting, theme section and then he/she can enable it. But now users can switch between dark and light mode directly through the quick setting panel.

OnePlus 8 Android 11

In Android 11 users can control permission of installed applications, now users can choose which time the app can use resources like Always, While the app is running, ask always and never. If you restrict location access while the app is running, the app can’t collect location information in the background

OnePlus 8 Android 11
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Here we notice bugs related to the quick setting panel, some time icons not showing properly and you can fix this through rebooting your device.

Android 11 allows changing the size of video while running on PIP (Picture in Picture Mode). In the past users only could move video on screen but can’t change the size of video.   

Users can now directly share images/videos in social media after taking though camera application. If you long press on recently clicked photos/videos in camera application, you can see social media icons over here.

We don’t recommend you to install this Android 11 developer preview in OnePlus 8/8 Pro because it is under development and it has lots-of bugs. You will lose your data if you want downgrade to Android 10. And it will not be easy for you if you are doing this for the first time.

Issues in this Android 11 Preview build

  • Google Assistant is not working
  • Video calling is not working
  • Face Unlock is not available


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