Once again, Twitter pauses the account verification program

Twitter’s official Twitter account recently put out an upload on August 13th stating that they will be pausing the verification program, putting a halt on verification applications as they want to focus more on improving the process. However, that is not the only reason, as Twitter also ended up verifying fake accounts. They still need to review all the fake accounts that have deceived Twitter’s verification process.

Moving on, Twitter would not entirely shut down the verification program; however, they will halt new applications. And will still process the pending applications. Even though they relaunched verification applications this year itself in May, it is still not fine-tuned and ended up making mistakes that led to a bot account getting verified as the real Cormac McCarthy, the author. Additionally, Twitter also ended up verifying fraudulent accounts with their blue tick.

The process was started initially in 2009, so famous personalities whose accounts are at risk of duplicating others can be appropriately identified with the blue tick feature. And this blue tick feature verifies that the famous personality is the actual owner of the account.

According to the rapper, Matt Gisbrecht, it has been quite difficult for him to be represented on Twitter, as being a small artist has made him vulnerable to impersonation. And being verified helps small artists as well, as they are less likely to get harassed and struggle through the impersonation issue, as the blue tick verification will help people identify the actual artist.

Additionally, Oscar-winning director Peter Ramsey has been unable to get verified on Twitter earlier. And has been susceptible to harassment and other kinds of abuse. Which indubitably has turned many high-profile personalities away from the platform.

Apart from that, many famous women have faced harassment, as they are underrepresented and are not verified. As the CEO of Tech Ladies, Allison Esposito Medina, stated, it is tough to be an underrepresented person on Twitter if you have a huge following and are not verified. Getting impersonated and getting harassed is a significant problem on the platform. The delay in getting the blue tick verification will make it difficult for many personalities and increase Twitter’s load.

2017 was the last time Twitter suspended its verification process, as the verification process was alleged to be a white supremacist. However, Twitter finally resumed its verification process in May of 2021. It came with six categories: government; companies; brands and organizations; news organizations and journalists; entertainment; sports and gaming; and activists. Twitter also announced that they would be adding more categories. However, the verification program has come to a halt again, and there is no official news on its relaunch.

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