On World Emoji Day, Google plans to add 992 new redesigned emojis

In this era of social media where half of communication is done through chats and emails, emojis have become a popular way to express emotions. It’s hard to interpret a message with only words and emojis make it easy to understand what the sender is trying to convey. Fresh emojis are often introduced to the Unicode Standard, and to enable those new emojis system updates are generally required. The tech giant Google has suggested that a font file that holds new fresh emojis without requiring a system update will be a part of Android 12 later this year. Google has brought this feature to light on the occasion of World’s Emoji day.

The firm has released new designs for 992 fun icons that it has redesigned with a focus on “making them more universal, accessible, and authentic.” For example, instead of referring to a pumpkin pie, the emoji of “pie” now refers to a “pie” as most of the world knows it.

One further modification is that transportation (car, truck, cab) emojis can now make better use of available space with Google jokingly predicting that the “new design for motorway will pass its next driving exam.” If the user has enabled a dark theme in their device, food characters receive an accuracy/authenticity boost, while other characters receive pleasant modifications. When you’re camping at night, for example, stars will appear.

In terms of availability, when it comes to particular apps, Google is determined to make things slightly quicker. The newest Emoji will be soon received by the Android app which supports Appcompat, a technology that makes it possible for apps to run on several android versions. The new emojis will also be available on youtube and in live chats “later this year.” Users can now see the fun icons in their favorite applications now, however, they’ll still have to wait for the next OS update to experience the fresh Emoji on the system level.

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