Nvidia cloud gaming service will bring Fortnite back in Apple devices

Apple users might get to now again play their favorite game Fortnite on their iPhones and iPads. As per the sources, we know that the Epic game will return to Apple devices with the help of the new cloud gaming service produced by Nvidia. Nvidia’s cloud gaming service has developed this new version of GeForce, which is basically a cloud gaming service platform.

Nvidia GeForce Cloud Gaming Service

GeForce’s cloud gaming service basically runs on the web browser Safari. It will run on your mobile devices, and now via that, Fortnite might return to Apple’s devices very soon. When asked about in detail, Apple avoided to talk about it or announce anything in particular for now. Nvidia is currently developing the new version, and it neither spoke about it nor its development. Also, Nvidia for now wholly avoids talking about its new clients or any collaboration they are doing or intending to do in the future. So we might get to know about it soon either by Apple or by Nvidia.

Upcoming announcement:

However, users have to not wait much as by the end of this month. It is expected to know about the details of the launch by Nvidia and its latest updates. As per Apple’s set rules, very gaming software companies will have to give the game’s title. It will be given as a separate app in the catalog. Then only Apple will review, and then the link for the titles will be provided from the master catalog. It was something that many companies found difficult and inconvenient for their users and themselves too. Many companies thus avoid the platform, and before too, we have seen famous game streaming platforms talking about the issue in Apple. Microsoft opened up about it and criticized Apple for having these rules as it too has an Xbox Game Pass subscription in its platform.

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