Now users can sign up to Twitter using a Google Account and an Apple ID

Twitter was spotted performing a beta test on the log-in and sign-up procedure in July, where the users were able to log in to their existing account or sign up for a new account with the help of their Google Account or Apple ID. The functionality has finally received the green signal to get released publicly in India. The information about the functionality was given by Twitter via its Twitter support account. Twitter mentioned how it will be easier for users to create a new account or log in to their existing account with the help of an Apple ID or Google account. 

New users can easily sign up to the microblogging site but the preexisting users need to make sure that the email registered to their Twitter account is similar to the one they are using in their Google Account or Apple ID. Twitter has made it easier for its users, also new users can sign up for the social media app without going through a lot of bustles. They will not have to provide the email ID and password nor will they have to set up the whole account, they will be asked to choose the language and by syncing contacts they will be eligible to reach their friends. Moreover, Twitter will help build user handles by suggesting options to the user. 

Login via Google account will be available for all Android, iOS and web users, however, the Apple ID login is only available for iOS devices for now. Twitter said that the functionality of Apple ID login is limited to the iOS version of the microblogging site and will soon be available for the Web as well. We don’t know for sure if the Apple ID login feature will be available for the Android version of the app or not. We will soon get the Apple ID login functionality for the Web users and we must wait until it shows up for the Android users of the App. Make sure you have a similar email ID both on your Twitter account and your Google Account or Apple ID before trying out this aspect.

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