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I’m sure so many questions turn up at the back of your mind whenever you see the beautiful selfies of celebrities, like – how they look so naturally beautiful? How their eyes are so big? How they have not even single mark on their face? If not filter, then there must be some digital sorcery going on, something that you MUST know about. Well, if you’re a fan of editing your selfies, making your eyes bigger and nose snatched, then Facetune Video selfie editing is the right choice. Yes, you read it right, Facetune now allows you to edit your video selfies beautifully.

Lighttricks, the makers of Facetune has come up with this amazing idea of editing your video selfies. Now you can do anything with your video selfies, from whitening your teeth to snatching your nose to smoothing your skin, and the possibilities are endless. Let’s have a look at how this app actually works:

By using Facetune, you can make alluring changes to your videos in real-time instead of after the fact. All you have to do is to select any video of you from your camera roll and start making it fabulous. You will get a bunch of stunning options to make your video selfie breath-taking. And the options are – changing the size of your eyes and nose, brightening your video, whitening your teeth, smoothing your skin, and much more.

Also, if you have already experienced the amazing Facetune and Facetune2 apps, you can get along with this one even with your eyes shut. Applying changes through this app is easy as pie. It’s in your hand to adjust how little or how much you want to apply an effect. For this, you get an on-screen slider that you swipe up or down to change the power of any effect just as you desire.

And yes, if you want to see what magic Facetune has done to your video, you can simply compare the edited video with the original one. For comparison, you get an easy toggle button that you can press and hold. Similarly, you can have a pool of amazing powerful tools to edit or touch up your selfie and portrait videos. I bet Facetune is not like other video editing apps, as it focuses on making your videos realistic and glowing than ever rather than putting artificial makeup, using AR or some stickers to decorate.

It’s more like giving a new life to your face by adding glow, amazing eye colors, concealer, blended makeup, matte features, and whatnot. The MOST AMAZING part of this app is its 3D face model feature, let’s see how this feature works. Users have to edit only one video frame, the rest of the work is done behind the scenes. The location of their edits is automatically projected to 2D face mesh and in this way, it gets applied to all other frames in the video. Isn’t it so effortless?

So Get ready for an abundance of compliments by putting your fantastic selfie videos on social media.

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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