Now premium users of Spotify can host a Group Session

Amid the pandemic crisis and lockdown, people have been looking forward to spending more time having fun with their friends. Well, if we can have so many online video call options, why not some choices for fun jamming sessions too? Now Spotify has come up with a fun solution to help you spend hours listening to your favorite songs together with a friend circle using Group Session feature.

Having made some changes to their popular audio streaming app, Group Session of Spotify Beta allows users to stream music or listen to podcasts and radio, together with friends and family, even remotely. However, this update is currently only available for the Spotify premium subscribers. Also for now, only between 2 to 5 people can listen to songs together at a time, while being in different parts of the globe.

So to make use of this feature, the group has to be paid subscribers of Spotify Premium. A shareable link is generated, much like what is done for video conferences planned on Zoom or Google Meet. The link can be sent over any messaging platform in order to invite others to join the group on the virtual platform. Additionally, instead of a link, a scannable code may also be shared for users to join the group by scanning via their mobile camera.

spotify group session

Users can make sufficient use of Spotify’s social functions to decide on what songs to play, who’ll play the role of the DJ now and the next time and all other such discussions. Both the host and the guests share control over the playlist, which songs to play, playbacks and skipping songs or podcasts. They can even jump songs on the playlist and add or remove more tracks. It turns out to be a very user friendly feature.

Initially this feature was implemented in May itself. However, at that time it was only usable when the group of people were nearby each other. While this updated and upgraded feature was rolled out on 28th July, 2020. This feature is still under Beta testing and may soon also include user feedback reports to improve the features and evolve into a more functional platform for users.

Here’s the steps for you to start jamming with your buddy group and listen to podcasts together! How to use Spotify Group Session ??

  1. Open Spotify and start playing some song or podcast
  2. Select the connect to a device icon
  3. Tap on the start a group option, then select start session
  4. Now you can invite friends by sharing the link via the listed options of apps or copy the link and share on some other platform of your choice.

And voila! Now enjoy your Spotify Group sessions!

As per reports on the Spotify community forum, earlier the web client and Spotify’s desktop app needed the Android or iOS app to make use of this update. However, now it seems that they have gotten standalone support for Chromecast, implying that they can use the function independently as well. Spotify is still rolling out the update in stages as it’s not yet available on the Windows app.

The company has been improving and innovating the features made available for the premium subscribers and with good reason too. Encouraging them to subscribe and staying ahead of the large number of market players is one of their top priorities. The Spotify Group Session feature is yet another feather in the cap for them while we await more such updates to come!

Deepanjan Datta

Deepanjan Datta

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