Now OnePlus devices will support PUBG at 90fps Graphics Mode

How many of you have come across the post by OnePlus on various social media platforms which says “Our next airdrop is your ultimate weapon” and having a caption that states things will look a lot smoother from now on. The post clearly shows that it is related to the PUBG mobile game. Well now it is known that it is about OnePlus devices supporting a higher screen refresh rate while gaming. Many of them guessed this right as soon as they saw that post. This is great news for OnePlus users who love mobile gaming. Everyone wanted to play the game at a frame rate higher than 60fps but we could not even after having a device that supports a higher refresh rate. The 90fps gaming was available in Chinese version of PUBG, I mean it was available in China on PUBG mobile (it is called the game of peace in China). OnePlus has announced a higher refresh rate of 90fps on select devices with PUBG mobile.

The Devices supported are the OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 7T series and the OnePlus 7 pro, basically the OnePlus devices that support 90Hz. All devices of OnePlus that support 90Hz refresh rate, PUBG Mobile will support 90fps on them.

The company has partnered with the most downloaded game on mobiles, PUBG mobile to bring this very much required feature.

A similar partnership was announced by OnePlus previously with Epic Games to support 90fps frame rate on Fortnite which was available to the OnePlus 8 series. There used to be a little drop in the graphics on Fortnite with 90hz frame rate, the graphics used to reduce to “Low” setting when 90hz is enabled.

OnePlus 8 Pro Pubg at 90fps

Well we still don’t know if there will be any drop in graphics with PUBG. However for now this feature will be available for a month, starting from 6th August until 6th September. The Founder and CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau said that OnePlus is very close to the community of users and after considering many suggestions and needs of users, especially mobile gamers, they have partnered with the PUBG mobile to bring a much more immersive and smoother gaming experience. He also said that the company will work and bring up more features to take the mobile gaming experience using the best in quality display, performance and more.

“The 90 FPS advantage is especially evident while panning, using a scope, running, and searching for other players at a distance. PUBG MOBILE players everywhere can now enjoy the game at a level of gameplay speed and smoothness only available from OnePlus devices during the exclusivity period from August 6 to September 6.”, said the CEO and founder of OnePlus Pete Lau.

This feature will be available for OnePlus devices exclusively till 6th September, and then from 7th of September it will be available for every device that supports at least 90fps of frame rate, worldwide except Mainland China, Japan, and Korea.

So the OnePlus users are considered lucky to get the feature a month in advance.

Is PUBG Mobile 90fps available on the OnePlus Nord?

Anyways ‘currently’ this feature is not available on the OnePlus Nord maybe because of the chip it has on it, which is not as powerful to support a 90hz frame rate while gaming but fingers crossed, it might be supporting 90hz from 7th September when it will be available for everyone.

So all the users who have a high refresh rate device like the Samsung Galaxy S20, the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Asus ROG Phone II, and the Razr Phone can now benefit more from the feature. Sadly there isn’t an iPhone that supports high refresh rate but among Apple devices, the iPad Pro that has a 120hz refresh rate might be getting the feature next month.



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