Now Google Chrome lets you Create, Convert and Sign PDF documents

You remember the time you sent a doc file to your boss but he wanted a PDF file urgently, or the time when a company sent you an offer letter in PDF format and you needed to sign it URGENTLY. Well, I understand these scenarios make you panic and you jump from one app to another just for the conversion from PDF to doc or from doc to PDF, don’t you? What if all these tools are available in your chrome browser itself? Imagine how convenient it would be!

Well, you don’t have to just imagine, in fact, this is the time when you get to experience it. Thanks to Adobe, you can now convert, compress, or sign your PDF Documents without nagging. You will find these conversion tools in your Chrome browser itself as Adobe has partnered with Google Chrome to make these online tools accessible on the browser. I know you want to know how exactly you can use these tools. Assume you want to create a PDF file, what do you need to do? You just need to open on your browser and you will get a free Adobe Acrobat PDF in no time. On the other hand, if you need to sign a PDF document or to fill a form in PDF format, you need to open on your browser. Here you can fill, sign, and send your PDF form anytime.

Now, what if you have to send a PDF file to someone but it’s too large? You have the solution to this situation too. All you need is to open and compress your PDF. Moreover, if you want to convert a JPG file to PDF, you need to open and start converting. This is not enough; you can also design social media posts either by using your own logos, images, or by choosing from templates.

Steps to enable Adobe Acrobat Extension in Chrome:

  1. Firstly, you need to launch Google Chrome. Now go to the upper-right corner of the Chrome toolbar and click the Chrome menu icon.
  2. If you already see the Adobe Acrobat extension in the menu dropdown, click on the option and skip to the 4th step. And if you don’t find that extension, then go to More Tools > Extensions. Or you can type chrome: //extensions/ in the Chrome address bar.
  3. Now click on the toggle button to turn on the Adobe Acrobat extension.
  4. You can see “The Create PDF” extension on the upper-right corner of the Chrome toolbar. Also, note that initially, this extension will be in grey color. Follow the next steps to know how to use it.
  5. Open a new tab on Google Chrome and check if the extension is enabled. The extension will only be available if the page is completely downloaded.
  6. Now you can easily access all the tools by clicking the icons.

I hope you completely understood the whole procedure. Enjoy the conversion!


Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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